Richard Emerson to head south for Hop'n'Vine

Richard Emerson started his working life as a Food science technician. During a holiday to Europe in 1983 he was exposed to a wide variety of local styles of beer, which ignited his passion for beer and fuelled his vision and a commitment to the time-honoured art of brewing. He started his brewing career as a brewer at Red Back in Fremantle. While there he undertook extensive research into the origins of historic European beers, and this was followed up by visits to boutique breweries in Belgium and Germany to further develop his brewing skills.

Richard returned to New Zealand in 1990 to a beer market very different to his European experience. The absence of regional character and distinctive styles among New Zealand beers was the catalyst for “scientific” brewing trials in a garage. The success of the trials culminated in the establishment of The Emerson Brewing Company in 1992.

Kevin Downie from Hop'n'Vine said they were delighted Richard was taking the time out from his busy schedule to come to the festival and even more delighted that he is going to do a speech and Q&A session as part of the day's events.

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