Hop'n'Dine hits Invercargill!

Your starter for ten...


Matching with a Brew Moon 'Blood Moon' IPA we have made an Harissa Lamb Taco with pickled red cabbage and tatzhiki.

Combo price is $15

add an extra Taco for $5


Pan-fried blue cod on a medley of roasted kumera, potato and pumpkin with feta and spinach and a splash of citrus.

Pair this great dish with a pint of Mountain Goat Steam Ale.

All for $40


Slow cooked pork belly, croquette, braised red cabbage, greens, apple ketchup, cider reduction paired with a Big Pigeon Pilsner - $40

The Rocks

Rocks Panfried fish of the day with fried leek and bluff oyster “stock reduced”, crisp panko crumb. Served with soft egg,toasted seaweed & sesamee. Fresh green salad and toasted coconut rice. Matched with Invercargill Brewery Wasp Honey Plisner.

Keep an eye, out there will be more delicious dishes to follow from The Rocks, The Grille, Meccaspresso, Level One and Whitty's.

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