"Craft beer is just a fad."

We won't tell you who said it, but it was this proclamation that inspired us to create Hop'n'Vine back in 2017 and it continues to inspire us to keep pushing boundaries, ensuring good beer finds its way to the 'final frontier'.

We're not a big company, we are but only two, who with a willing band of volunteers, work hard to bring the best New Zealand beers to the people of the South through our stable of festivals that include Hop'n'Vine Invercargill, Hop'n'Vine Te Anau and Oktoberfest (Invercargill).

Kevin is the self-proclaimed creative genius behind the brand and Chris is the practical one who brings it all together. In reality though, it is a joint effort neither of us could do on our own, or without the help of our volunteers.


Each year we try something new to grow our events and we are always looking at ways to expand our stable and diversify our brands.

Our festivals a renowned for their relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where friends come from far and wide to catch up. If you haven't been yet, why???



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